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Merry Xmas VIP

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Yo i'm rolling Brum in a bit to be wi my fam so happy xmas to yous lot. Only a couple of sad kunts on here who tek sh*t too personal.

Lens you haven't had sex since 2008. Fact

you have 12gb of music, 4gb of porn but 25gb of random ginger mixed raced boys on your hard drive. Why is this?

Apparently your favourite saying is a good man is hard to find BUT a hard man is good to find.

You've got a JLS advent calender and a Westlife poster wi mouths cut out.

Ypur having a mars bar and a a tizer to wash it down wi 4 xmas dinner.

Your so poor you can't afford freeview.

Heard your flat has central eating. A used candle slap bang in th middle of your bedsit.

I asked yr mum what xmas song she wanted me to play for her n she said this.

Tusty bitch.

Merry Xmas yo.

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Guest Flat Eric

that xzbiit tune is sick

what grime artist spat on it? i can hear j2k

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