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Abdul Osman

The In Denial Detention Centre, Past Insecure Avenue

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Yo post the members who you think are in denial and Insecure about something which makes them behave this way on website.

Special K is ID about his deviant tendancies to be raped by a tranny, he's IS about his sexuallity which is why he reacts badly to cheap insults.

TF is ID about his lack of football knowledge, he's IS about his intelligence to compete in football conversations which is why he types long posts waffling on to cover up the cracks

P.Brisco is ID about not being a Tr0ll like some of us, he's IS about how this could effect his outside world image which is why from time to time he goes missing for a few days.

TTL is ID about being a bum with no academic or life skills, he's IS about not being liked which is why he trys to make people laugh on here.

Add yours..

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