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Audley Harrison Interested In Rematch With Martin Rogan!By James Slater: As fans may have read, Audley “A-Force” Harrison is not going away any time soon as far as the boxing ring goes. Despite being shown up for the flop he is a number of times - most recently by WBA heavyweight boss David Haye - the 2000 Olympic gold medallist and 39-year-old insists “the dream in not over.”And while most fans find the idea of having to sit through another Harrison fight more of a nightmare than a dream, the multi-millionaire is already plotting his next move. According to Sky Sports’ Ringside show last week, Harrison may look to take a couple of low-key bouts in the States, before heading back to the U.K. However, on his official web site, promoter Frank Warren (who of course worked with the big southpaw a while back) writes how Harrison approached Derek Chisora this week, asking “Del Boy” to relinquish his Commonwealth heavyweight title so that he and Ireland’s Martin Rogan can fight for it.“That’s the same Rogan who beat Harrison handily when he was a nine-fight novice who still drove taxis,” wrote Warren. “Audley, do us all a favour and…….”Doubtless many fans will agree with Warren’s sentiments!However, it should be remembered that the Harrison-Rogan fight, which took place in London in December of 2008, was a good fight. One of the few genuinely entertaining pro bouts Harrison, 27-5(20) has given us. And to be fair to Audley, Rogan did not beat him “handily,” he beat him by a sole point - 96-95. Since that big win, Rogan, 14-2(7), has twice been beaten by Sam Sexton, and he has had time out due to a serious shoulder injury. The warrior from Belfast came back in November of last year (a year after the rematch loss with Sexton), and he has gone 2-0(2) over limited opposition since. Needing a big fight with which to announce he is back for good, will Rogan perhaps look Harrison’s way - whether the Commonwealth belt is on the line or not?For though Warren clearly wants nothing to do with Harrison, Rogan just might look at a rematch as an easy win/decent payday. Both 39-year-olds have at best a year or two left, and they have to fight somebody. Why not each other, seeing as how the first fight was so good?Whoever Harrison fights next, though, we had better get used to the idea that he WILL fight again; even if he doesn’t need the money (the BBB of C decided, as we know, to pay Audley his full purse for the “effort” he made in the recent “fight” with Haye!)/SWEAR DOWN HE'S BEEN TR0LLING SINCE 2000, SOMEONE BAN THE c*nt ALREADY

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