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NEWS JUST IN Kano Gig Cancelled!!!

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Wednesday ,26th October 2005The Metropolitan Police have shut down Kanoâââ‰â¢s Scala gig, scheduled for this Thursday Night in Londonâââ‰â¢s Kings Cross. Speculation is running riot at this moment in time but Police sources have stated itâââ‰â¢s due to âââ¬Ãâundesirable elementsâââ¬ÃÂâââ¬Ã¦ The Yard have acted on âââ¬ÃÅtip offsâââ‰â¢ and according to last nightsâââ‰â¢ Evening Standard the club is already said to be under investigation from Operation Trident, A Met spokesperson said, âââ¬ÃâThe event has been cancelled due to public safety. The organisers have decided to cancel it following discussions with ourselves.âââ¬Ã After a string of gun crime incidents in the capital, the event has been said to have attracted, âââ¬Ãâcertain undesirable elements as part of the artistâââ‰â¢s entourage and associates or rival associatesâââ¬ÃÂ. Kano released a statement early today contrasting the police info, âââ¬ÃâI have performed in London practically my whole career and there have never been any problems. Itâââ‰â¢s where I started out and for me thereâââ‰â¢s no better place to perform. Itâââ‰â¢s a shame that on my first ever UK tour I am unable to play to my home town. I am sorry for my fans that the show couldnâââ‰â¢t happen this time round. Iâââ‰â¢ll be back.âââ¬ÃÂMore info on this when we get itâââ¬Ã¦

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