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Various Artists - Birmingham City (Remix)

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Featured Artists: Amnesia, Romo, GT, Meeks, Opiffawana & Malik MD7

Produced By: Versa Beats / The Supplierz

Off the upcoming The Supplierz mixtape which will be released 7th February 2011 as an exclusive free download from ukrapmusic.com.

The Supplierz mixtape also features the massive Johnny Guns, Timbar and Notes epic Meet Me By The Yard 2 for which the video is in post production.

Also on The Supplierz mixtape will be tracks by Joe Black, Sway, PDC, SK Villain and pretty much anybody else that's rated in UK Rap

Don't forget 7th February 2010 for free download exclusively on URM

No-one is f*ck*ng with our video levels, real talk, if you can't see that your either blind, biased or indenial, but say nuffin till 5th Febuary when the meet me by the yard 2 video drops, subscribe to the channel if you ain't already because subscribers will get access to the videos 2-3 days before everyone else.

Birmingham Cityyyyyy BBIR BIRMINGHAM CITY

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