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sorry lads

last few days i been tr0llin the forum a bit too hard, especially yesterday cos all my boys and links at uni had gone home so i was bored out of my nut sitting in my room so tried entertain my self by using 2 different accs

i apologise for my actions, it was only a bit of banter, but its clearly rubbed a few of you up the wrong way particularly Faze, cipher, brisco and sho'khan

i made a new years resolution to stop tr0lling the forum and did well to resist but i fell back into bad habits and started behaving like a pagan again

i'm going to try my best to never tr0ll you again but you must understand its a crippling mental addiction that is hard to beat, but with your help and support i think i can manage it

once again i sincerely apologise

yours truly Jack

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