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Training your brain......

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to adjust/like or dislike certain things

i know its possible to train your brain but is it possible to completly change....

lets discuss the way the brain works, and how positive things like saying happy birthday 5times sends positive signals into ur brain leading it

release happy signals throughout your body

and how just washing up makes you feel so much better....

psycoligy is strange and i want to find out more, is there any tests online or is anyone here interested in this subject

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like i think humans are innately programed to think the way they do

like when i see a black person i cant help but think criminal monkey drug dealer ... words just pop into my head

when i see a white guy i think devil c*nt opppressor enemy... when i see a white girl i think slut rape defile slag..

when i see gujuratis i think murder cheap ugly hook nose hatred

when hate has consumed your very soul there can be no changing

ive pigeon holed every race into a few words... and this has lead me to live a succesful and fulfiled life

what about your pedo, little boy fuddling, suppressive, goat f*ckin, drug farming, suicide bombing, backward mountain caveman etc etc people

what do u think of them, out of curiosity of course..

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why dont u built a space ship and sit your little ass on mars where no one will bother u

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i pity my own people

but im not deluded

i know afghanistan is filled with crooks pedos and backward islamists...

my ire is directed at everyone reegardless of colour and creed.. i am a true humanist, a judgemental island of barely concealed disgust for my fellow man living amongst a sea of turd like lesser specimens


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