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Deloitte Rich List

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Guest FA23


Manchester City's rise to prominence on the European stage has been underlined in spectacular fashion by the publication of the annual report into football finance by accountants Deloitte.

Despite the fact that City have still not qualified for the Champions League - narrowly missing out to Tottenham last season - figures for the 2009-10 season show that the richest club in the world have begun improving their moneymaking activities in keeping with their recently acquired status.

Last year's publication had City in 20th position in Deloitte's Football Money League, with an annual revenue figure of £87million. However, in the space of only a year that figure has rocketed to £125.1m and has moved them up to 11th spot.

Money talks: City's financial standing has improved greatly since the takeover by Sheikh Mansour

Although Spanish giants Real Madrid (£359.1m) and Barcelona (£325.9m) still sit in the top two spots with Manchester United third with an annual income of £286.4m (up by £7.9m), City's leap up the table is by far the most impressive.

Certainly it reflects well on the efforts of much-maligned City chief executive Garry Cook and will encourage the club that they can bring their income and expenditure equation into line with the FIFA Fair Play rules due to be introduced in the coming years.

City's enormous jump in revenue is a reflection of increased income from new sponsorship deals at home and in Asia, the Middle East and, to a lesser extent, America. If Roberto Mancini guides his team into next season's Champions League, City will certainly make it in to the rich list top 10.

Last night Alan Switzer, director of football business at Deloitte, said: 'The table is based on the revenue generated by the club, so the factor that Manchester City have a rich owner isn't the direct reason for their good showing.

At the Double: Chelsea's revenue increased following their league and cup successes last season

'The main movement for City has been in their commercial revenue. They have had great success on the traditional stuff like the shirt sales but they have also excelled in that next tier of sponsorship. They have been able to look to the Middle East and across the Atlantic.

'We certainly expect to be reporting another substantial increase in revenue for City next year. Whether it is enough to get into that top 10 depends on the results of the club.

'There's an interesting tussle to break into the top 10 next year, actually. Manchester City have made a big move up the table without being in the Champions League. But even if they do qualify it will be close between them, Spurs, Juventus and Liverpool for that 10th spot.

'It is too close to call because we don't know what Spurs are going to do in the Champions League this season.'

Elsewhere in the Barclays Premier League, Arsenal have continued to show promising financial performance, something that reflects the benefit of their move to the Emirates Stadium.

The London club are fifth in the table, as they were last year, with their annual income staying just about unchanged at £224m.

One club who may wish to worry, however, is Liverpool. The Merseyside club have slipped one place to eighth in the table and although their revenue has stayed stable at around the £184m mark, they will inevitably come under threat from City and Spurs next year as - for the second season running - they are struggling to qualify for the cash-rich Champions League.

It is also clear that Liverpool's failure to build and move into a new stadium is holding them back. Switzer said: 'Arsenal's move to the Emirates is one of the main reasons why they have moved up the table in the last 10 years.

'Ten years ago they were 13th and now they are up to fifth. If they continue not to play Champions League football, Liverpool will be under a lot of pressure from the likes of Manchester City and Tottenham to stay in the top 10.'

Chelsea remain in sixth spot in the table with an annual revenue of £209.5m, a slight rise from the previous year.

1 0 Real Madrid 438.6

2 0 FC Barcelona 398.1

3 0 Manchester United 349.8

4 0 Bayern Munich 323.0

5 0 Arsenal 274.1

6 0 Chelsea 255.9

7 3 AC Milan 235.8

8 1 Liverpool 225.3

9 0 Internazionale 224.8

10 2 Juventus 205.0

11 9 Manchester City 152.8

12 3 Tottenham Hotspur 146.3

Match day revenue:-

1 Real Madrid 129.1 1

2 Manchester United 122.4 3

3 Arsenal 114.7 5

4 FC Barcelona 97.8 2

5 Chelsea 82.1 6

6 Bayern Munich 66.7 4

7 Liverpool 52.4 8

8 Hamburger SV 49.3 13

9 Tottenham Hotspur 44.9 12

10 Celtic 43.4 n/a


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Not really cos TV money in Germany is poor.

Arsenal >>>>>

Once our shocking commercial deal runs out, Cha Ching!

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Im sure i read somewhere that our deal was rushed because we needed the money to fund the stadium

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Maybe, a lot of people just blame Keith Edelman.

Nobody really knows but one thing for certain Arsenal know it was a poor deal & have already made moves to correct it for when the contract expires.

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Guest FA23

Table 3: Top 20 commercial revenue generating clubs

Rank Club Revenue Money

€m ranking

1 Bayern Munich 172.9 4

2 Real Madrid 150.8 1

3 FC Barcelona 122.2 2

4 Manchester United 99.4 3

5 Schalke 04 79.0 16

6 Liverpool 75.8 8

7 Chelsea 68.8 6

8 AC Milan 63.4 7

9 Hamburger SV 63.2 13

10 Borussia Dortmund 60.7 n/a

11 Manchester City 57.0 11

12 Juventus 55.6 10

13 Arsenal 53.7 5

14 Internazionale 48.3 9

15 Olympique de Marseille 45.1 15

16 Olympique Lyonnais 42.9 14

17 Benfica 41.2 n/a

18 Tottenham Hotspur 38.5 12

19 AS Roma 38.1 18

20 Napoli 37.7 n/a

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Heh, are us (and Citeh) the only clubs on that list to not play Champions League football?

That's great (in a non-footballing sense) especially considering until this year (which I'd assume isn't counted) we're yet to sign a sponsor under Randy.

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Nah few clubs aint. This is up to end of last season, so Tottenham hadn't been in Champions League either, so next year they will probably be in the top 10.

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Only thing I dont like about these kinda charts is, Man City’s income was just over £125m and their wage bill was £133m.

Which kinda makes these things pointless.

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