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Sisters busted over stolen credit card for boob jobs face jail

Sisters Rishona and Ramona Downes could face jail for using stolen credit cards to pay for £8,000 of breast enlargement surgery.

Rishona, 25, and her older sister Ramona, 27, splashed out more than £4,000 on each procedure in an attempt to boost their confidence

Ramona’s boyfriend had complained that ‘other girls had bigger t***’, while Rishona felt her breasts were sagging after the birth of her son.

But the pair now face jail after they were convicted of fraud.

The jury heard they paid for their operations using details supplied by a friend who worked for a credit card provider.

The sisters were arrested in March 2009 after the account holders noticed the unauthorised payments to the Harley Medical Group.

Heathrow airport worker Rishona Downes, of Willesden, north-west London, was convicted of committing two counts of fraud in September 2008.

Former JD Sports shop assistant Ramona, from nearby Kilburn, was convicted of a single count of fraud in October 2008.

They claimed they had no idea the cards were stolen.

The pair will return to Southwark crown court for sentencing in April.

Their friend, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also faces prison after she admitted paying for her own breast surgery using stolen card details.

My link

^^ pics of chicks in the link...dont know how to post em..lol

[Pics now attached]


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Could their boyfriends be charged with handling swollen goods?

- Big Al, Yorkshire, 16/2/2011 16:59


lool funny sh*t

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Guest Supreme Allah


and LMAO @ the i didnt know defence

who's f*ckin card did you think you were using then?

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