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Mame Biram Diouf

VIP2 Sports Room Time Capsule Thread (Future Predictions)

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Inspired by the archive thread and all the joke memories it bought back, would be sick to have a thread where everyone puts their predictions of what will happen over the next 4 years or a fixed time period everyone agrees on and leave it open for a couple weeks let everyone have their say then lock it hopefully the forum doesnt crash and in a few years time unlock see who was right and see who was an idiot?

Lets say things like:

Your teams line up in a few years

Next big players from your youth team to step up

Next powerhouse in European football

Will Barca still be the best team in the world

How much Messi and Ronaldo have progressed or regressed?

Next Man Utd and Arsenal managers if Fergie and Wenger and gone by then which they should be

Top players in the world

Biggest transfer fees

Winner of the world cup/euro cup

Winners of the PL, Fa Cup, League Cup

Highly rated players now who will/wont step up

Top managers in a few years time

How big an impact will the up an coming leagues like Russia and Ukraine have on the CL

Which country will dominate Europe

Will La Liga still be seen as the best? Will Italy be able to reach its former heights again?

What will some times line ups be in 4/5 years?

Which players will go into management

Who will be the top teams in the Prem? Blackburn?

Will Chelsea turn back into a mid-table team

Where will all the future big players now be playing in a few years.. Ballo, Whilshire, Neymar, Ganso etc....

Top goal scores/top assists

What formations will be the in thing will 4-3-3 still be favoured or will it evolve again

Will the youth system change

Will the Celtic and Rangers finally get to join the prem

etc etc

Will post all mine tomorrow if people take it seriously and dont ruin it with lols and negs

Basically anything you can think of randomly

Anyone else think it would be a good idea ?and would take part and not post half heartedly to avoid getting quoted in a few years time....

Personally think it could be a right laugh....

Post your opinions or just jump straight in and post yours

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Good idea

Dunno if it's kinda forcing banter if you get what I mean


Guy tries too hard.

Harsh, Good idea tbh

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why would you not want to encourage banter

good thread

Nah, it's like a couple years ago when exposures were popping off, then every thread in Whatever Room tried to expose, it got dead.

Let the banter happen naturally man, it ain't like people are going to voice their real opinions knowing this thread is specifically made to get back at you down the line anyway.

sh*t's fine the way it is, look at the last week's CL thread for proof.

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Liverpool will not win the PL in flojos life time (if life expectancy still in this country is still 70 for males)

40 times time for another PL trophysound right


Carroll will never be a regular starter for England


Torres will always be one of them what if he made the right move players could he have been known as one of the best spanish players type of guys


Rafa wont win a major honour for over 10 years until he realizes hes an arrogant c*nt and turns into the people he hates/envies with maturirty

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Bane will stay being a stupid f*ck*ng prick a tr0ll for another 20 years.

Forgot about the auto-change.

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