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Roy Batty

Firewire External HD plugged into a USB port?

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I have an old Lacie Porsche Design External Hard Drive which only has Firewire Ports on it.

I got rid of my old bruck up black MacBook and got a new MacBook Air with only USB ports. Is there any way of plugging this into my new MacBook Air?



This one

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Unfortunately its not that simple

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1.0 out of 5 stars Didn't work!, 9 Dec 2009

A lot of discussion about this online - plenty of stuff pops up in google. Some people say its not possible, others say there is a cable but it only works for digital camcorders...

Apparently you could buy a different external enclosure for the 3.5" hdd thats inside that F. A. Porsche box, that has usb and firewire, like this:


but its not something I know much about.

Someone else will no doubt shed some more light on this / apple support forums might be a shout.

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Guest Supreme Allah

take out the drive from inside and put it into an enclosure that has USB

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