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Forbes 2011

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Top 5 Internet Trapstars 11

1. Phillip. Brisco - Vip2.co.uk

Renouned for this ability to buy in bulk, young Phillip grew up in the rough estates of Manchster after a troubled life in Somalia were he became an emerging talent through the Grime scene with recent hits Disco Dancing netting the budding star a reported near £1.2m in record sales which was thought to have been invested heavily in other areas of his private life. After his success Phillip fought a drug addiction by turning his back on his community outcasting him but he found a new venture in his life focusing heavily on his Administration services of www.vip2.co.uk, where he has become a feared member due to his power and it has been believed his trapping through the forum has netted him over £7.9m in the last 12 months no part down to his excellent initiative of using his Blackberry which are hard to trace.

2. Hustler99 - Realestniggas.com

3. Lahi - Vip2.co.uk

4. KDriz - hiphopstars.com

5. Benito - nychustlers.com


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the way u hurt breddahs actually had to wait for 2 girls to show you the way before u could get your balls up, is f*cked

phasy guys

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Guest Esquilax

what ever happen to realestniggas.com btw??

that site was the one for zorn.

TF took over.

who or wut is TF??

TF is like a porn encyclopedia

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