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Sweets and deserts/cakes etc


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turkish deserts are too sweet

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Guest Supreme Allah

went to one of those Turkish shops, may not have been Turkish but ill still say Turkish.

didnt know what the f*ck was on display so i told bossman to show me sutin nice [][]

took one bite and the thing tasted like AIDS, never randomly bought sweets i dont know about since then

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Guest TimeBomb

Baklawa is middle eastern.

But yea in algeria we got baklawa, zlebia, koulbilouz and some next type of small cake for weddings. All too sweet, prefer a donut tbh.

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whats in that indian ball?

always see shops on brick lane selling them.


lol at ashman vid where hes walking down brick lane, then china town singing "Im white"

the one i had the ingredients says semolina, baking soda, and i think buckets of sugar

and its in a corn syrup, which is madd sweet too

it taste like hot sweet ricepudding in a ball


that kashata looks like it could be like peanut brittle,


where is jalabi from? theres an indian sweet that looks like that but bigger, not shiney and actually crispy and oily tho, again very very sweet

cant remember what its called. some girl made them for our 6th form world fair

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Few Somali treats


Gashaato or Qumbo(e) which litreally translates to coconut

this is sweet cocnut slices


Xalwo, sweet sticky kind of like jelly, the ones with nuts taste better, very chewy


Shushumoow, could'nt find a good pic but these are usually made spiral instead of circle like above

sugar coated biscuits which are also crunchy

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