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Sweets and deserts/cakes etc

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Flapjack Fiasco

Layers from bottom to top: pancake; cookie dough; pancake; peanut butter and jelly; pancake; chocolate and bananas; pancake; caramel, oreo, marshmallow, sprinkles, M&M’s; pancake; caramel buttercream frosting granished with Trix cereal.

That looks like something dave would like

lol I thought exactly the same thing

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Some nonce sweet 

Flapjacks I love Flapjacks

Big man can’t be eating this come on 


looks like halua, hate that sh*t, my dad loves it though

Yeah its the same thing, we just spell the 'X' as 'H' in Somali. Halua/Xalwo


Used to love it as a kid in Kenya. When I seen how it was made. :huh: DO NOT WANT.

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Theres one arab thing i like. timebomb i know your mum makes it. Its made with coconut, looks like a coconut cake thats got lots syrup in it,

that, with custard or icecream>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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dont have a sweet tooth at all cant really back most the things in here, i like a homemade apple pie tho.

my favorite is this thing me mam makes, she just calls it frawg 'awn puddin. its stewed billberries with dumplings. its the f*ckin best.

jack does ur mum make this? does it have a proper name? also does ur lot eat spiced beef at christmas?

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