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Sweets and deserts/cakes etc

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This blows anything in this thread out of the water

tried it today, was like heaven in my mouth


Delicious Jersey Black Butter Fudge, hand made at La Mare Estate with our traditional black butter being the special ingredient but no preservatives or artificial flavours. Black Butter is made with apples, sugar, cider, liquorice and spices, boiled and stirred for many hours over an open flame until it has reached a thick, black, sticky consistency. Normally eaten on bread or toast, we have incorporated it into our Jersey Cream Fudge to give a scrumptious unique flavour that is entirely Jersey! This product has been approved by Genuine Jersey Products Association, your guarantee that this fudge has been wholly made on the island using local ingredients.


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Some nonce sweet 

Flapjacks I love Flapjacks

Big man can’t be eating this come on 

crackas have puddings LOCKED DOWN.not even a contest

have to agree

guys are here posting some goat skull delicacies with syrup, meanwhile..

Spotted d*ck and custard>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Apple crumble and custard>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hot chocolate fudge cake and Snake Hunter HD cream>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

this is more like the sh*t im talking about:roly poly pudding, sponge pudding with custard, apple pie with the ben n jerrys, rhubarb crumble that kind of nonsense.

I mean Green fam, green cake. It had been coloured. It was just mad cream and a green cake. f*ck*ng disgusting.


pandan cake :)

om nom nom

that looks pretty good tbh

for sticking a broom handle in and mopping the floor with.

but srsly would try it without prejudice.

i also like treacle tart..

did any of you ever used to eat sara lee pecan danish? ulk if you never did

danish in general is sweet but thats simply a breakfast course

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14 minutes ago, Lieutenant said:

Mazza ain’t had these in years. Where you get them from over  here?

Lol misread

Dno bro, never had them here

Cant find a pic but indian/Pakistani version is call khopra pak or khopra muti. So u might find it in one a dem indian sweet shops

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10 hours ago, Thizz said:

Are they custard? 


Not a fan of cold custard. 


/ my apple crumble and custard >>>>> 

Yh cold custard

Love cold custard

Cold ambrosia and hot apple crumble is life

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