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Ratlin Corleone - Youngest In Charge

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After releasing numerous of videos at the beginning of the year we at URM can now bring you the exclusive download of Ratlin's " Youngest In Charge Mozart's Finest".


01. Menace To The Game

02. We Ride

03. You Know What It Is

04. Corleone Family Ryders Ft Troopz(K.G)

05. Life Through My Eyes Ft MangYro

06. Mozart Ft Rugrat

07. Clap Dem Paigons

08. Dueces

09. Done With Gangbanging

10. Harder Den Dem Ft Rugrat & PO

11. Time 2 Blow Ft Rebellion

12. Heading To The Top Ft Crime & Rampage ( GTS Mob)

13. Mexicans Ft Rugrat & Rebellion

14. Its Been Along Time Coming

15. Red Bricks Ft Rugrat

16. Time Line Ft Matty Mac Miller

17. Mozart & K.G Ft Troopz

18. Feel It In The Air

19. Times Of A Good Lad

20. Start It Up ( Bonus Track)



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His rapping is getting better still, coming with decent vids

Not as good as Shak but probz worth a download and quick skim

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Guest Sun Tzu

one of the best tapes out this year imo

gets banged regularly

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