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Mame Biram Diouf

What Do Fulham And Michael Jackson Have In Common?

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Fulham chairman Mohammed Al Fayed says fans who do not agree with his recently-erected Michael Jackson statue can 'go to hell'.

The Cottagers chief caused controversy after announcing he wanted to place a tribute to his former friend, the King of Pop, outside Craven Cottage and the statue was unveiled before the weekend clash with Blackpool.

It shows Jackson - who visited Fulham as a guest of Al Fayed before his death - in one of his signature poses and stands on the banks of the River Thames.

Al Fayed denies claims the statue is bizarre and hit out at fans who have spoken against the move.

"Why is it bizarre? Football fans love it," he said.

"If some stupid fans don't understand and appreciate such a gift they can go to hell.

"I don't want them to be fans. If they don't understand and don't believe in things I believe in they can go to Chelsea, they can go to anywhere else.

"People will queue to come and visit it from all over the UK and it is something that I and everybody else should be proud of."

Meanwhile, defender Brede Hangeland insists the decision to erect the statue has the full support of all the players at the club.


The Norwegian stopper believes the Egyptian has the right to do what he wants after all he has done for Fulham.

"Some of our players are Michael Jackson fans, some aren't, and that's the same in the general population," he said.

"His music has been on in the dressing room a couple of times. I'm sure we won when his music was played!

"Michael Jackson was a close friend of the chairman's and the chairman wanted to do this. It's something we as players respect.

"The chairman has done fantastic things for this club. We all owe him so much and he has been brilliant. So when he decided he wanted to do this we respected it.

f*ck is wrong with this guy

:lol: :lol:

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Hold on, why are certain guys going on like their manager don't chat the same bars?


coz some people have very short memories,

for those afflicted with such memory defieciency,

(Al Fayed came out today and blasted Fulham fans for having the gaul to question that hideous new statue outside their ground,

he told them to go and support Chelsea, (to cut a long story short))

let me remind you that The Great Man himself SAF

told United fans who had merely questioned him about the condition of the club following the Glazer takeover that if they wern't happy with how things were at United they "should f*ck off and support Chelsea"

bare in mind that this was after a Champions league qualifier somewhere across europe,

so the fans who were asking this were still avidly supporting the team/club and it wasn't a question asked in the midst of a volitile protest but just fans asking someone they respected and whose opinion they valued, as to what the state of play was,

by the way if my memory serves me rightly i believe we lost the first leg of the qualifier and it was in Hungry.

i actually laughed out loud when i heard Al Fayed's comments, as when Fergie said it thats when all my respect for the man finally went,

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Have sympathy for Fulham fans but this was proposed ages ago and they should have opposed it then. It's unfortunate and while the onus shouldn't be on them to protest against every decision they dislike that their chairman makes, the fact of the matter is he put it there because he knew he would get away with it.

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I don't know why Fulham fans are complaining. I'm sure their statue was cheaper than the £50m Chelsea paid for theirs


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