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FAO Horse Racing fans.

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Looking to keep on top of things this year now the flat season is underway and was looking for 3+ people to help in making sure all speed ratings are up to date, as well as trying to look for things on your own through watching races and trying to get out there and meet new people who have inside information if possible. There is massive money to be made during April untill October and we are just starting to get the form lines building up, we should hit top gear by the middle of May early June.

I will be willing to provide access to a £24.99 per month all inclusive Racing Post account for everyone to use if they wish to view replays or if they need access to Racing Post comments etc.

I would request a private room on VIP2 if that could be done, so that we have a platform to base our workings under.

If all goes well then hopefully we have enough saved up for a big day out.

I know who I can trust on here and who I can't, so I'll be looking at the right names coming forward.

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been thinking about death lately

the unknown is my biggest fear

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