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Gobstopper Records

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Simply put its a digital label set up to put out top quality grime music.

The next release is the Virus EP by Deset. Which consists of 2 tracks by Deset and 2 remixes by Dexplicit and Taz Buckfaster.


Deset - Virus


Deset - T roll

http://snd.sc/eQg3Gx (it wont let me post the proper link because of its title)

I am always looking for new music for future releases so send any demos to gobstopperrecords@gmail.com

Lining up alot of stuff this year so get in contact.

Don't forget the first ep which was released last year.

Mr.Mitch - Fright Night

Buy Here - Itunes:http://bit.ly/do0vb2 Juno: http://bit.ly/bA4p8q

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