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Modern Warfare 3


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Probably the worst hype trailer I've seen. Wouldn't be IW without the obligatory noobtube sequence, have they not f*ck*ng learnt a thing? Oh and cool quickscopes. Nothing has changed.

Co sign

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graphics look great but i agree with what everyone else is saying, the hype trailer was trash

they did show a actual gameplay trailer of multiplayer, was about 90 seconds which should be on YT soon, you can check that out to see how it really looks

looks like those perks etc i posted a couple pages back are true also, not good.

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What i got from the trailer and gameplay vids;

- the killstreak list that was posted is more or less whats in the game from when i saw jugnautz.

- overkill from cod4 you had to give up your stopping power perk. but as there is none in mw3, and everyone seems to have 0 health again, your rocking a smg./ass with a sniper LOL

- the map skins and models still look the same. i can count loads of map sprites and objects that were used in previous cods. lazy.

- everyone seamed to die in a few shots

- no recoil as always lol the ump is back

- shotties 1 banging from far

- quickscoping , the snipers had no recoil. espesh that barret. atleast in blops there was loads of random sway (when it first came out) so it was hit or miss.

-in the last vid, when he died, he looked like he spawned at the bottom of the stairs from where he was shot. So im predicting that*, predictable-ish spawns like in previous titles.

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