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Modern Warfare 3


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I like the variety in the killstreak options but me and Skemar are abusing that Support shit Lol.

Every round minimum EMP, Juggernaut or Osprey drop.

Specialist is decent cant lie. With Hardline even better.

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single player seemed abit short, completed it in under 5 hours, but none the less it was bloody epic. loads of nice tie in's with previous MW's (especially liked it whe Price talked to Baseplate and called him "Mac" :Y: ) but we all know we don't buy COD for the singleplayer..

multiplayer is solid imo but only played 1.5 hours so far

what perk set ups are you lot using atm? what do you think are the best Smgs and Assault rifels?

P.S the launch party last night was sick

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