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Flashed 360


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sounds like you're using a spoofed dive (making a drive appear to be a different drive, i.e. making a hitachi drive appear to be a samsung).

this is (or at least used to be) done because xboxes are only compatible with one type of drive. if you're replacing one you have swap like-for-like.

spoofing used to be the solution to this problem but now its detectable. you've probably been flagged for a ban already.

i'd wait until the next banwave is over before flashing because your console might have a maximum of 2 months before it's banned.

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any game which is not ap 2.5 or xdg3

Fable 3 - Nov 2010

Hasbro Family Game Night 3 - Nov 2010

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Nov 2010

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - Nov 2010

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Jan 2011

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Jan 2011

Halo: Reach - Jan 2011

those are the games you need to avoid.

lt 2.0 will let you play everything, including games using the new xgd3 (you can school yourself on that one).

there's a brand new dashboard coming next month, so you'll need to flash it again.

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how can u tell what drive u have if it may have been swapped and spoofed before

how can u tell if ur banned ?

New link to download old one aint working http://dwl.xbox-scene.com/xbox360pc/nandtools/XVal_v2.0.zip

Xval 2.0


check to see if console is flagged to be banned or not

1. Download the program from the link

2. Fire up your Xbox 360 and go to My Xbox - System Settings - Console Settings - System Info.

3. Write down your console's serial number and the 16 digit string that's displayed after "X:" at the bottom of the System Info page.

4. Fire up XVal 2.0 on your computer and enter in your console serial number and the 16 digit string and then press Decrypt.

If the result of the program is "secdata is clean" --> not banned

anything else...probably going to feel the banhammer

your fucking welcome


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to burn forza 4 (and possibly future games) without getting flagged you need the drives below + c4eva's custom firmware

c4eva: Final burner fw set complete, final testing underway. increased burning speed of xgd3 to 4x on Verbatim mkm003, must enable OPC in imgburn (thanks Defosho)

c4eva: The following drives have been tested for ixtreme burner max firmware:

c4eva: Liteon iHAS124B = baseline model

c4eva: Liteon iHAS224B = 124 + LightScribe

c4eva: Liteon iHAS324B = 124 + SmartErase

c4eva: Liteon iHAS424B = 124 + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 224 + SmartErase)

c4eva: Liteon iHAS524B = 124 + LabelTag + SmartErase

c4eva: Liteon iHAS624B = 124 + LabelTag + LightScribe + SmartErase (or = 524 + LightScribe)

c4eva: how can you know if its a or b? last char of drive model

c4eva: A is NEC chipset=bad

c4eva: verbatim mkm001 are supported at 2.4x, verbatim mkm003 are supported

c4eva: burner max fw doesn’t force you to use verbatim media for xgd3 but they are the only ones that verify error free so far

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