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what makes it more f*cked is you can buy your way out of it if you have the money


its not really buying ur way out though is it, the money is going to the victim/family. It would surely cover care for the disabled man.


Yes it is, if he doesn't pay he will be paralysed. He pays the money, he buys his way out of paralysis.

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How do you justify him getting off if he pays the cash?


hes not getting off tho, hes been in prison 10 years, he would just avoid being paralysed like his victim if he pays money to the victim/family.


Yeah but if man can't pay he ends up paralyzed and the victims family still get nothing.


Fucking savages tbh and fuck any surgeon who is willing to paralyze somebody for a crime. Would rather the death sentence over that

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so u guys dont believe in eye-for-an-eye punishment?


I dont necessarily, but i often think how unfair it is when someone gets killed or paralysed and the offender is out after a few years walking around living a normal life.



Don't agree with death sentence too when I think about it.

Too many anomalies can send the wrong person to death/paralyzation.

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