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True Stories: CRACK HOUSE, More 4

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Is there gonna be a replay on this, missed some of it.

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True Stories: CRACK HOUSE, More 4, NOW

In 2001, Darrell 'Duck' Davis recruited a group of young men from the South Side of Chicago to help him take over the drug trade in Rockford, Illinois. For four years they sold a kilo of hard drugs each week, terrorised neighbourhoods and intimidated witnesses.

The Rockford Police Department made a string of arrests but were unable to curtail the violence. And, in 2005, when gang member Bradford Dodson attempted to execute a rival drug dealer in a busy McDonald's, the Police Department called in the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) who set the gang up in a 'surveillance house' and gathered over 1000 hours of footage as evidence.

This film uses the footage to provide a fascinating insight into what happens in a drug house, revealing the wide range of people who came to the house to buy drugs, and the truth behind the gang members' extravagant boasts of violence and wealth.

Also on More 4 +1 and 4OD later

Some crazy scenes so far

one guy just beat his pregnant girl like it was nothing

They seem to be regularly planning hits on people

Kind of shows you the reality of the "exciting" drug life in rap music

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will probably catch on 4+.

watching the lock up bbc1 right now.

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