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Wake Up!

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Good afternoon Vipers

Just a little bit of self promotion, bear with me folks....

Last year with i set up an organisation called Wake Up! with the help of a few minded individuals. We are a marketing communications organisation that aims to inspire and awaken young people. We are a small team whom offer a variety of services from graphic design, branding to outreach and distribution to name but a few.

Today we have lauched the 1st edition of our new magazine, Ugly Duck, which celebrates the achievements of young entrepreneurs and creative young people within the London area (initially focusing in Lewisham).

Please have a look, feedback is welcomed!


Follow us on twitter: @WakeUpNowUK

Facebook: Wake Up

Online link for Ugly Duck magazine:


Thanx for your time!

Questions welcomed

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Guest Klitschko

Bump when the site is fully up and running, and I'll send a group email round work.

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