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Colin Turnover

World Athletics Championships 2011 (pg4)

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As the National Trials for USA and Jamaica are happening as I type, this is where the Track and Field season begins in ernest.

Already so far this season weve had Tyson Gay (My fave current sprinter) set a World Lead time of 9.79 earlier this month at a meet in Eugene (this meet has had suspicions over "faulty" wind gauges over the least few years,) so he looks to be ready to roll come the World Champs in August, although he has claimed in tnterviews that he still isn't 100%.

Steve Mullings of Jamaica ran 9.90 in April! He subsequently followed that with 9.80 earlier this month aswell.

Yohan Blake of Jamaica has ran a couple of windy mid 9.8s (the latest being yesterday in the 1st round of Jam trials).

Powell has run a couple of 9.9s so far this season and looked easy in his 1st round race.

Nesta Carter of Jamaica ran 9.78 & 9.80 (I think it was) last year and has ran 9.9s this year already.

The joke is you've got 4 man capable of running 9.8x yet only 3 can qualify for the team fir the World Championships. The final of the trials is gonna be mental!

Then the bigger joke is none of this takes Bolt into account who has run a couple of 9.9s so far but doesn't look smooth at all at the moment. He has the advantage of not having to be in top shape for trials as he has a bye for the Worlds, but there is a slight worry that maybe the hunger is not there anymore and if it's not Gay will be on him.

I can't be arsed going too deep on the American side as the only person who has shown anything (other than Gay) this year has been Mike Rodgers who has ran 9.85 so far this year and a couple of 9.9s

Below are the times from the 1st round of the USA 100m trials

Heat 1

1 Justin Gatlin unattached 10.08 Q

2 Darvis Patton Nike 10.08 Q

3 Monzavous Edwards Nike 10.14 q

4 Desmond Jackson Abilene Christian 10.27 q

5 Woodrow Randall Baylor 10.33

6 Shawn Crawford Nike 10.33

7 Shane Crawford Purdue University 10.57

Heat 2

1 Michael Rodgers Nike 9.95 Q

2 Travis Padgett adidas 10.07 Q

3 Leroy Dixon unattached 10.21 q

4 Jeremy Dodson unattached 10.29

5 Calesio Newman unattached 10.29

6 Christopher Davis P2 Elite Track Club 10.59

7 Philip Redrick Texas Southern 10.68

Heat 3

1 Rakieem Salaam unattached 10.09 Q

2 Walter Dix Nike 10.11 Q

3 Justin Murdock Clemson University 10.34

4 Rubin Williams Heritage Track Club 10.36

5 Javon Young Charleston Southern University 10.41

6 Devin Pipkin Indiana University 10.42

7 Ryan Milus Arizona State 10.43

Heat 4

1 Jeff Demps Florida 10.04 Q

2 Trell Kimmons adidas 10.14 Q

3 Cordero Gray Texas-Arlington 10.20 q

4 Charles Silmon T C U 10.24 q

5 Terrell Wilks Florida 10.24 q

6 Johnathan Hancock North Carolina A&T 10.54

7 Rodney Martin unattached 10.56

Heat 5

1 Ivory Williams Nike 9.95 Q

2 Tyson Gay adidas 10.01 Q

3 Maurice Mitchell Florida State University 10.12 q

4 Justin Austin Iowa 10.28 q

5 Micheal Granger Ole Miss 10.39

6 Willie Perry unattached 10.42

7 Kind Butler Indiana University 10.43

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Event 2 Men 100 Meter Dash


WORLD RECORD: W 9.58 08/16/2009 Usain Bolt, Jamaica

NATIONAL REC: N 9.58 08/16/2009 Usain Bolt

Name Year Team Semis


Heat 1 Semi-Finals Wind: 0.6

1 Mullings, Steve Unattached 9.96Q

2 Blake, Yohan Racers Track Club 9.97Q

3 Frater, Michael Mvp Track Club 9.98Q

4 Forsythe, Mario Unattached 10.12Q

5 Roach, Kimmari Unattached 10.14

6 Bailey, Oshane Akan Trcak Club 10.21

7 Clarke, Lerone Unattached 10.24

8 Douglas, Omar Mvp Track Club 10.42

Heat 2 Semi-Finals Wind: 0.6

1 Powell, Asafa Mvp Track Club 9.90Q

2 Carter, Nesta Mvp Track Club 9.98Q

3 Lee, Dexter Reebok 10.13Q

4 Harvey, Jacques Mvp Track Club 10.15Q

5 Anderson, Kenroy Unattached 10.25

6 Waugh, Ainsley Mvp Track Club 10.25

7 Barnes, Winston University OF TE 10.36

8 Mitchell, Sheldon Unattached 10.37

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Safe Colin, im always interested in world athletics so if videos can be posted of meetings that would be sick.


Lol @ 5 man running sub 10 seconds in the semi finals. Christian Lemaitre best enjoy his european success cos looks like he will be struggling to make the finals of the worlds


Is Gatlin banned from going Olympics?

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Yeah Gatlin's banned for the Olympics same as Chambers. I think it's daft you can compete in World's and not Olympics, but Im not sure if its because one is under IAAF and the other IOC.

Vid for Ja Final. Cant be arsed with the rest.

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Good posts from Colin, much appreciated.

I need to get back on Athletics, seen a few meets on Eurosport and Sky lately.

I used to like Gatlin, would like to see how he does in August.

Colin, do you run IRL?

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I used to compete properly up until I was 13 then dropped athletics for ball like a mug (should have kept up the athletics). Went back when I was about 22 and dropped an unofficial 10.9 after a few weeks training but sacked it again because couldn't find the time to do it properly ad do myself justice.

Athletics my first love tbh.

I'll keep this thread updated throughout the course of the season. Pretty sure Bolt is running a 200m this week or the next.

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Anyone just see Powells semi in the Brum Diamond League meet. VERY easy 9.95s

He's in the best shape of his life before a major...

9.6x is there if he wants it, but I doubt it will be inthe Daegu final but life is strange sometimes.

BBC 2 now!

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World Trials on BBC2 now.






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