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Franklyn Addo

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Lyrically he's got a lot going for him and his content has substance. As a young UK black artist he’s definitely something refreshing. For those who don't know a week ago he caught media attention for rejecting Cambridge to study at LSE, for reasons best known to him. He has two mixtapes out at the moment, Just being Frank and the Remixtape.

These are two of his most recent videos. Fire Burns is his response to what’s been going on lately with the media hype.

Fire Burns :


So Appalled :


Here's his most recent mixtape, 'The Remixtape', all the verses here were written in a day for charity which is pretty crazy if you listen to the ideas and the creativity in his message. The instrumentals are just from other artist’s songs. Definitely worth listening to:


My link


Link to Just Being Frank Mixtape:


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