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Timbar - Hidden Files


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Without a doubt Timbar's No Manners With It is considered a UK Rap classic, so it's with great pleasure that we bring to you the first full solo project since then, Timbar's 'Hidden Files'. Download it below directly from ukrapmusic.com


01. Intro (Mykal Million)

02. New Wave (Feat. Komoshen) (Prod. By Gappy)

03. 32 Bars Of Truth (Prod. By Sirens)

04. Threat 2 Da Game (Feat. Vile Greeze) (Prod. By Sirens)

05. Life's Cold (Prod. By Loco)

06. Still Doing Crime (Prod. By Loco)

07. 32 Bars Of Truth Pt. 2 (Prod. By Sirens)

08. Ranks Freestyle (Prod. By Ranks)

09. Da Illist (Feat. M.A & Sticks) (Prod. By Dice)

10. Goin In (Feat. Bar4Bar) (Prod. By Dice)

11. Cold Days (Prod. By Dice)

12. Definition Of A Hitman (Prod. By Gappy)

13. 1 Away Bride (Prod By Ranks)

14. Meet Me At Da Yard (Feat. Notes & John Wayne) (Prod. By Versa Beatz)

15. Dreams (Feat. Propane & Treat) (Bonus Track)


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Guest RemiBon

"this brudda was giving tripple stares

saw him in shop whilst i was buying a ginger beer"

pmsl so f*ckin random

its like man couldnt find anything else to finish his 16

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