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The demise of Tottenham Hotspur

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I think we could witness a demise of a club who nearly broke the pattern by getting into the Champions League back to back, the key to being able to push the club to the next level has to be with the chairman whose wallet should match his visions.Do you guys agree that with Modric all but a Chelsea player this could rip the heart and soul out of anything Tottenham promise to produce in their matches making them somewhat a tricky opposition rather than one you knew they could match you for 3 points on the day?It's clear that Harry will continue to the revolving door around the centre back area where he will no doubt recieve his annual budget and continue to strengthen the centre back area in which it would probably be ok for the next 5 years but he'll keep reinvesting there whilst the worry for Spurs fans has to be the attack?Rafael Van Der Vaart is a key player but like RVP he'll struggle to get 20 games per season due to fitness issues and that's a hard man to base your team around, with a budget of £25m - one of the worlds best creative midfielders it argues the question that on a cold wintery night up at the Britanina on a Monday evening you're 0-0 at Half Time and have an abundance of central denfsive leaders shouting the odds of inspiration in the dressing room, who'se going to be the technically gifted guy to start a 5 man move and create chances for his strikers?I very much forsee a Leeds United MK2 here. /Very much an Arsenal moment to be proud of here guys.Drinks?

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