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Swiftie and Faze - I will allow you two to be part of The Team.Ice - You will remain in Team c*nt forever.All new Team c*nt/The Team/Moderators members - I will talk with my partner and we will discuss who will remain and who will be removedThose who were ghosted (for no reason) - I apologise for my partners rash decisions but it is only a forum. Make a new account and enjoy this new and improved VIP2.5This forum will now continue to run as normal. Good dayP.S. - Dave, remember that dark day you decided to ban me? Yeah..P.P.S - This is not a stupid f*ck*ng prick takeover. We have the best intentions for all of you.P.P.P.S - First thing on the agenda is removing that T.roll word editing thing.

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