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The Pharcyde, Hip-Hop’s original oddities emerged in the early 90′s hailing from South Central Los Angles. Often described as an Alternative Hip-Hop act (the biggest understatement of that decade and possibly this one too) the Pharcyde coined a style of Hip-Hop that broke away from the conventional genre. I could say that the Pharcyde we’re the Odd Future of their time but that’s disrespectful to the Pharcyde, Odd Future are the Pharcyde of our time and would do well to live up to that tag.

Their first album Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde was released in 1991 and can truly be described as a bizarre ride,a ride that Kanye West cites as his favourite album of all time. Almost exclusively featuring J-Swift productions which themselves were heavily influenced and based on rare 70′s Jazz classics, and including tracks such as Ya Mama which offered a more light-hearted take on a genre that was becoming increasingly defined for its violent lyrical content Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde is a true Hip-Hop classic.

Last weeks edition

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