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Game Of Thrones

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Reek is a top weasel 

The way my man olympic dived off the boat when his sister was literally about to get her throat slit.


I feel like something about Sansa DISGUSTS Arya. Maybe not. Was getting this vibe when they were catching up and she found out Sansa is running North.



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Can't lie this show is a bit boring   Pace is so slow, too many dialogue scenes, not enough action scenes.   The part with the dragon was a breath of fresh air, apart from that *yawn*   Good cha

Panto Sansa's tits >>>

3 hours ago, RYDER. said:


tbh this (battle) is getting gassed everywhere, seeing polls/lists articles saying this ep > hard home & BOTB or even watchers on the wall

hell naw

watchers on the rassclart war gave us the most epic battle scene television has ever seen when it aired - but topped later on w/ Hardhome and Battle of the Bastards

people with short term memory need to put some respek on watchers on the wall smh 

1. Hardhome (less hollywood & predictable than BOTB)


3. Watchers on the Wall

None of these battles had the Mandingo dragon fucking shit up. This was easily the best so far. 

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All it means is Jon is the rightful heir to the throne


Mad when Gendry said our farthers fought together when the reality is Robert killed Jons father with his war hammer

also adds to the theory is John is the Prince that was promised being now the son of Fire and Ice...

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The payoff of having so many characters in your show - being able to throw random supergroups together. The next two episodes can't go wrong.

A lot of stuff in this episode has convinced me this will end with no-one on the throne... they're pushing the "no Gods, no masters" theme pretty heavily. Also still backing an unintentional Daenarys heel turn/mad Queen situation.

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15 hours ago, Admin. said:

proper filler

I hate this thought process. It's like if there's no blood on display, nobody being burned or beheaded, then it's an unacceptable episode. It's not like they cut to some completely unrelated shit like this was dragonball z.

I might be in the minority but for me it was top 3 of this season. Even though I knew Drogon wasn't about to melt John's head (Those of us that haven't yet read the books are now fully aware that that might not even be possible), it still had me enjoying the trembling idea of this very real looking dragon standing in front of a man, who if he made the wrong move could have his very pale complexion changed. 

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1 hour ago, Greens said:

Was a great episode


Don't need to see blood an guts

Little finger played arya but is she gna fall for it

I knew john would be revealed by being able to pet the dragon but y wasnt danaerys more concerned?

Friggin joora - i hate him over reek. Please can he just leave. Sideman

Sam tulley the last of the tulleys

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12 minutes ago, Thizz said:

Has there been another leak? 


The episode was accidentally aired by HBO Nordic in Spain for 1 hour. [...] We know the HD quality exists and should be uploaded soon. Reaching critical mass where too many copies will exist to be taken down.

sounds good

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