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Game Of Thrones

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Can't lie this show is a bit boring   Pace is so slow, too many dialogue scenes, not enough action scenes.   The part with the dragon was a breath of fresh air, apart from that *yawn*   Good cha

Panto Sansa's tits >>>

kmt they are the shittest players of this game 


i miss ned 


i love how , like the wire, this show doesnt pet to kill off main characters or 'the good guys'


glad i never read the books




on a sidenote


surely that fat nightwatch guy should be slim by now


all that walking and no munch- man should be ripped!

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Running away from his bitch, Robb needed to die he was moving moist in the war anyways. Grey Worms still my number one guy, even over pretty mchandsome who's chirpsing Daenarys with murder

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my nigga snow cut loose sold that bitch a dream her face was priceless

starks were movin moist, first catelyn lettin kingslayer go & then you got robb fallin in love while in the middle of a war smh

hound & aryas chemistry is great tv, love how their showing aryas development through the series to show how she becomes so coldhearted watching her family getting slain & 

how she finds herself chilling with gunners can tell next season shes going to be ice cold

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