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Game Of Thrones

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Can't lie this show is a bit boring   Pace is so slow, too many dialogue scenes, not enough action scenes.   The part with the dragon was a breath of fresh air, apart from that *yawn*   Good cha

Panto Sansa's tits >>>

Yeah I'm thinking of reading the books. I've been going through the wikis every now and again and the back stories are really interesting.

A shame the books are pretty much where the TV series is, I've always liked the idea of reading ahead.

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Lannisters are soft without Tywin. As big a c*nt as he was too would've loved Goeffrey to be alive still. He would've had these fanatics hanging in the church by now.

Someone else must take Thommens place. Guys not eating his dinner ffs. Can't be ruling the 7 kingdoms.

Ghendry has kings blood but I'm guessing by being a bastard he has no legitimacy? So that would leave the daughter and her soon to be husband with his Dad as the King's hand?


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I knew it was coming from the spoiler I read this week but narrr how can they take man like Jon Snow out the game. He has to come back! White Walker or Lord of Light business. Gonna enjoy watching Cersies new beast tear that Religion apart. And those f*cking dorn snake manouvers, Jeez, great episode.

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