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Onlive coming to the UK

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OnLive's done pretty well here in the States, and we knew it would eventually venture across the ocean to merry old England. But, we didn't know exactly when it would bring its streaming services, MicroConsole and catalog of over 100 titles to the UK. Well, turns out it'll make the transatlantic trip on September 22nd, just in time for the 2011 Eurogamer Expo in London -- so there's just over a month to ready yourself for gaming-anywhere awesomeness. If you're among those interested in being the first of the Queen's subjects using the service that day, hit the source link below to sign up.


really wanna try this

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Its good technology but its just a streaming service at the end of the day.

If you buy the device it self, which was about $100 i thinks, no doubt it will be like £150 here.

Which you could buy a xbox, ps3 or just buy the game on your pc which will probably be alot cheaper.

depends if the rent service is going to be reasonably priced, and the games.

and by going from xbox marketplace prices, your better off buying the disc.

Im not sure if you get brand new games when they release either so your going to be missing out if you want the latest titles. (their games catalogue is also very limited, which could change in the future )

Alot of people use consoles because of the social aspect; ie their friends, steam for pc.

Also if your on a shared or a download capped usage internet (lol) then your going to be f*cked. this will no doubt eat your bandwidth so you will need a decent connection aswell.

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