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Mame Biram Diouf

Elliot Kebbie To Barcelona

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Haven't seen him play bar a couple clips but heard from Leeds fan he was a sick prospect and his best asset is pace.

Might be clutching here but the way Barce found it hard to deal with Walcotts pace leads me to believe they wanna bread a hybrid of player with tekk (Pedro) with a speed merchant (Walcott).

Either way the boy is lucky and will get some of the best coaching in the world. Hopefully he gets trained up sick and wants to come back to English football on a Fabregas vibe.

Hopefully other players follow him and move abroad even if he doesn't make it the coaching he will get should allow him to at least play for a middle premiership team at worst

Anyone got any info about this move or about him?

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Guest M12 Part 2

This happened ages ago. It's a good thing English players are going through different systems. So I defo support it.

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