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If You Do This Outside A Club

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Man's amazing parallel parking job

Ask anyone what the hardest thing about learning to drive is and chances are they'll say: "parallel parking".

Ronny Wechselberger has no such problems though. The precision parker, known as 'Ronny C-Rock', slid his VW Polo into a parking space just 26 centimetres longer than his vehicle.

He performed the high speed maneuver on German TV back in April - and swiftly entered the record books.

As the footage below shows, he was even awarded a Guinness World Record medal and plaque for his troubles.

However he's already had to give them back as a certain Zhang Hua managed to flip his car into a space two centimeters shorter on the Guinness Book of Record's Chinese show.

Sadly there's no video of his stunt yet, but you can still watch C-Rock's no-less spectacular effort below.



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people who show off infront of groups are knobs tbh

if I saw someone do that outside a club id throw an orange


hmmm something tells me that your not that guy brah

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Nice party trick

But hows he supposed to get out of the space though?



I can't park - driving miles away from your destination to be able to just pull in somewhere FTW.

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Its all about having the new focus, switch active parking on, put the car in reverse and let the car parallel park for you while you draw the girl sat in the back seat. Your guranteed p*ssy.

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