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Mame Biram Diouf

F.B.I Investigating FIFA 'Whistleblower'

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The FBI is examining documentary evidence revealing confidential football payments to offshore accounts operated by controversial American Fifa official Chuck Blazer, the ‘whistleblower’ who sparked an investigation into allegations of bribery in the Fifa presidential election two months ago.

In May Fifa was shaken by allegations by Blazer that his longterm ally Jack Warner was involved in a plot to hand out $1 million in cash to Caribbean officials to vote for Qatar’s Mohamed bin Hammam who was running against president Sepp Blatter.

Warner, from Trinidad, became president of Fifa’s regional confederation Concacaf – the 35 countries in North, Central America and the Caribbean – in 1990 and immediately appointed Blazer as his general secretary. In 1996 Warner fixed Blazer’s elevation to join him on Fifa’s 24-man executive committee.

The relationship broke asunder when Blazer, from New York, revealed that Bin Hammam, had arrived in Trinidad on May 11 in a private jet carrying at least $1 million in cash to pitch his election manifesto to regional football officials at a meeting arranged by Warner. A photograph of cash in a brown envelope was handed to ex-FBI boss Louis Freeh who has been commissioned by FIFA to investigate. Fifa have refused to reveal Freeh’s mandate. Warner resigned abruptly from Fifa, who declared him ‘innocent’ and Bin Hammam is appealing a life suspension. Blatter was re-elected unopposed.

Now the spotlight has turned to payments to Blazer accounts in the Cayman Island and Bahamas. Blazer is contracted to work for Concacaf but several payments have come from the Caribbean Football Union, a separate part of the regional confederation, tightly controlled by Warner for two decades. Blazer denies any impropriety, explaining, ‘I have and will continue to fully respond to those to whom I am responsible; namely FIFA, Concacaf and their respective stakeholders.


Beg Blatter get dragged into this and gets hung out to dry at least its an outside source involved not just Fifa on an IPPC tip pretending to do something

Is there any chance the 2022 World Cup could be given elsewhere if its found they bribed voters?

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i bet chuck blazer is a joo.. cant put it past them to be coniving and two faced.

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Its funny;

- Bin Hammam stands up to contest Sepps presidency - gets banned and found to be corrupt

- Blazer whistle blows - gets an FBI Investigation

- British papers find links between Warners corrupt dealings and Sepp, Warner has to step down.

Said it in the other topic and I'll say it again, Sepp is UNTOUCHABLE

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