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Arsene Wenger - Outcast in his own home

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Arsene Wenger: Outcast in his own homeThe forthcoming season can harbour little hope in the minds of those who use the economy and markets to foresee a passage this current season and even the most open minded Arsenal fan will be feeling claustrophobic at the thought of another season dwindling in the shadows of powerhouse rivals whereby an air of desperation can be seen, felt and heard around the Emirates brought on by a tight feeling in the purse strings with no rest for the heartbeat as onlookers sweat nervously at every attack we’re faced with.There is one man who has taken this club to a level that Arsenal fans could have never imagined epitomised as we potentially enter our 15th season in the Champions League but you could be confused for thinking that things were on a serious downward spiral and who are we to say any different with a manager who has gone 6 years without a trophy and a team still dressed with many of the squad who made a catastrophic descent from Wembley last year.But there is always one man whose left to be hung out to dry, a man whose defiant father figure role could be said to hide the naked truth of the underlying concerns every Arsenal on looker can see through years of so nearly yet so far, or is it a case of the blind leading the blind with the media involved in dogged approach to get underneath the Arsenal boss with years of abuse I’ve never seen any manager receive in the Premier League, a systematic, violent and cunning campaign of pressure has certainly taken its course into the bloodstreams of many a goner as the barking 60,000 Arsenal fans saying “Spend you’re f***king money” reverberating around the Emirates with a chorus of boos in some parts you can see the weight of the world carried on Arsene Wenger’s shoulders.It hurts me to see Arsene Wenger belittled, questioned, abused, threatened and even forgotten in some parts for what he’s brought to Arsenal Football Club by his own supporters and tore to pieces in the media for years now which has seen a notable effect on his appearance especially throughout the season you’ll see the yellow, puffy, sleepless eyes of a man whose dedicated his heart and soul into the club but when he needs us most we’re out their berating his decisions to not spend.There is man who loves to be loved; a man who wants to make people happy and is known for creating such a welcoming and homely feeling within the hierarchy at Arsenal Football Club on and off the field epitomised by the unity and diversity of characters who’ve displayed commitment, passion and heart but it must be a terrible sinking feeling going out to a crowd who want marquee signings, a crowd who leave early and some don’t even bother turning up, a crowd who find it hard to find their voice, a crowd who don’t believe in team or in your philosophy, a crowd lost.There is a clear lack of protection for Arsene from the board and it’s up to us as Arsenal fans to really start getting behind the team, the club and be that 12th man instead of driving the greatest thing that has happened to this club away. Forget the media, they have nothing by spite, hate and disgust for Arsenal FC who love to put the knife in at any opportunity and we’re letting them do that, we’re letting tabloids control our way of thinking which if you like it or not has been simmering to the surface sub consciously with regurgitated media junk.His philosophy still stands as one of the best approaches in world football to date given the economical advantages of those we’re fighting with yet are still able to compete against competitively and although we have to witness a few stars depart a little too often the foundations are still in place to fill the right gaps with the right quality and keep pursing those trophy ambitions.That is of course....If Arsene isn’t pushed away.

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