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Success stories in politics

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I dunno, but this came to my mind

Ken Livingstone backed the 2012 Olympic bid to "ensnare" Government money for London.

"I didn't bid for the Olympics because I wanted three weeks of sport," London's mayor told an election hustings.

"I bid for the Olympics because it's the only way to get the billions of pounds out of the Government to develop the East End - to clean the soil, put in the infrastructure and build the housing."

He brazenly admitted: "It's exactly how I plotted it, to ensnare the Government to put money into an area it has neglected for 30 years.


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If we're talking British politics, Alan Johnson is one of the biggest success stories of the modern age.

Born in London on 17 May 1950, the son of Stephen and Lillian Johnson, he was orphaned at the age of 12 when his mother died, Johnson was then in effect brought up by his older sister when the two were assigned a council flat by their child welfare officer. He passed the 11 plus exam and attended Sloane Grammar School in Chelsea, now part of Pimlico Academy, and left school at the age of 15. He then stacked shelves at Tesco before becoming a postman at 18. He was interested in music and joined two pop music bands. Johnson joined the Union of Communication Workers, becoming a branch official. He joined the Labour Party in 1971, although he considered himself a Marxist ideologically aligned with the Communist Party of Great Britain. A full-time union official from 1987, he became General Secretary of the newly formed Communication Workers Union in 1993 following a series of union mergers.

Before entering parliament Johnson was a member of Labour's National Executive Committee. During this time he was the only major union leader to support the abolition of Clause IV.

Had he run for leader in 2010, there's a good chance he'd be leader of the Labour party and Britain's next PM.

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actually who was that Lib Dem that had to quit because he was claiming rent for his boyfriends house?

guy was like chairman of Lehmman Brother by 22 or some sh*t

(as u can tell I dnt really know the facts, but its something like that)

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