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Westy & Weezy Brown - Rapper's Manual Vol. 1

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Westy & Weezy Brown - Rapper's Manual Vol. 1 http://t.co/5yR8u8d


01. Hunt - Jail Barz

02. Hunt - Hoodys (Prod. By Westy) (Refix)

03. Squeeks & Johnny Gunz - Head Shot (Prod. By Weezy Brown) (Master)

04. Benny Banks & Squeeks - Road Royalty (Prod. By Westy)

05. Squeeks, Face & Benny Banks - Last Night (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

06. Benny Banks - Shoot 2 Kill (Prod. By Westy)

07. Face & Hunt - Heart Full Of Stress (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

08. Propane, Squeeks & Chany - Imma Get Mine (Prod. By Westy)

09. Propane - I Ask Why (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

10. Squeeks, Benny Banks & Joe Black - 24 Barz (Prod. By Westy)

11. Hunt - Feel My Senses (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

12. Face - Wait A While (Prod. By Westy)

13. Benny Banks & Squeeks - Fly (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

14. Propane - If I Told You (Prod. By Westy)

15. Frostie - Fast Cars (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

16. Squeeks & Benny Banks - Juggle Food (Prod. By Westy)

17. Squeeks & Chany - How We Do (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

18. Benny Banks, Squeeks & Tasha - Why Hatin On Me (Prod. By Westy) (Refix)

19. Frostie - Still Out Ere (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

20. Squeeks, Benny Banks & Joe Black - I'm Fly (Prod. By Westy)

21. Face - Never Be Apart (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

22. Frostie & Squeeks - Get Paid (Prod. By Westy)

23. Propane - Getin Started (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

24. Hunt - I'll Be Alright (Prod. By Westy)

25. Fix Dot'm & Squeeks - I Know About (Prod. By Weezy Brown)

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