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Tamer Hassan - Best UK Actor?

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This guy is my absolute idol man, I even look like him and have got everyone of his films in my bedroom, reminds me 100% of my dad n uncle growing up

Tamer is just a sick character, a proper old school Londoner who was made for films like Bonded by Blood and Deadman Running

Was just wondering when the awards for UK actors are out and do you think it's likely he'll take some home with him?

Serious actor, surpassed Ray Winston now

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Not sure if serious

Yeah his roll in kick ass was mind boggling made nic cage look like an novice

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Tamer Hassan: How To Look The Business


The Suit

If you’re going to buy a suit, don’t buy one off the peg if you can afford not to. Go to a tailor as I always do, find the style you like and have it fitted to your shape. What I like about Ray Stowers is he does everything British and he gives you a personal service, which is always nice. Make sure you talk to your tailor and don’t be afraid to add little individual bits.

I normally put stitching around the collars. Lining is very important as well, because if you take your jacket off, people always notice the lining of the suit. Have it tapered and fitted to your proportions, and be brave with it.

The Shirt

When you get a shirt made, always have it fitted and tucked in at the sides. For me, I like a shirt to come in tight at the bottom. People sometimes wear shirts that are really boxy and you can see them over the top of their trousers, which doesn’t look right to me. Have your shirt fitted, have it tailored and pay as much attention to the detailing of the shirt as you do the suit -- because it’s just as important.

Always have a double cuff with good cufflinks, and your collars have got to look good as well. Sometimes I like a shirt with some pattern on the front, like ruffles, which I might wear with jeans, and that works.


I’ve got to tell you, I’m not really a tie man. I'll wear a tie if I have to: If I’m standing in the dock and it looks like I’m facing 20 years, then I’ll definitely wear a tie! But other than that, they're not for me and I don’t think you need one to look the part. If you’ve got a good collar on your shirt, I think that does it for you.

The Boots

I always judge a man by his shoes and his watch. I’m a great believer that a man should always have a very good pair of handmade boots. I wear R.M. Williams boots casually with jeans. But my favourites are Tom Ford boots -- they’re so expensive though. I call them a "life" boot because if you pay £1200 for them, you’ll wear them forever. I’ve got a couple of pairs of them and I love them.

The Accessories

I tend to wear belts with jeans, but not with trousers. I’ve never worn them. It’s the worse thing you could ever do; you end up looking like a 1980s Essex boy.

With cufflinks I go a little bit elaborate with them; I like a big Swarovski stone, the big diamond types, real sparkly, or sometimes I go with a skull. I think cufflinks should stand out -- don’t go plain black or brown. Go with a something people will notice.

I don’t wear jewelery, but I always like a good watch. My favourites are ones like Panerai or Audemars. If you wear a good watch it says a lot about you.

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