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Local Comedy Donz - GWOP'D UP

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It turns out that the British public are rather partial to a spot of crude comedy, as The Inbetweeners Movie has become the most successful British comedy of all time.

Who'd have thought that four crude, clueless, yet frankly hilarious teenage boys would have persuaded a large chunk of the nation to part with their precious pennies and spend the weekend cooped up in a cinema?

Well, the Inbetweeners lads must be doing something right, as their movie has smashed box office records, raking in more than £13 million over its opening weekend. What's more, the film also has the distinction of achieving the biggest box office opening of any UK comedy.

Who did The Inbetweeners steal the UK comedy crown from though? From British flicks featuring ridiculously large knickers to Abba-inspired musicals, we take a look at the other UK comedies that pulled in the punters promptly on their opening weekends.


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