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hiphop The Cash Money Appreciation Thread

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They're innovators. Not acclaimed enough during the late 90s/early 00s.

I'm a big Big Tymers fan.

Mannie Fresh is a criminally slept on producer, he is owed MAJOR dues. Single-handedly responsible for CM's first wave of major success. His sound is so sick.

The tag team with Baby has given us some classic tracks.

The intros as well... straight fire. Mannie and Birdman popping up on everybody's intros and speaking like the elder statesmen laugh.gif "Playboy I got rims bigger than yo future". Great start to albums.


LOL @ Wayne in the the beginning of that Get Your Roll On vid. Always makes me chuckle.



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good times.

Birdman been living that life formt he jump off tobe honest.

I remember when I use to buy the 'Source' religiously and CMR had a Ad every other page. It was madness.

Juvenile was one of my favourites


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my fave label besides roc a fella

mannie def slept on. he did so much work.

from when they hit with 400 degreez album everything else after that was a winner.

wish BG was still on point now, guy is too under rated. his first few albums was talking some madness at 14/15

mad how he was only 18/19 when chopper city in the ghetto dropped (cd with bling bling on) and and was his 5th album


good good times. stil got a lot of my original cash money cds from those days.

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My favourite label ever

will be back to this thread later to post my favs, i started listening to them in school, one yout put me on and i will forever thank him..

before they were big over here, and even in most parts of america, bg, wayne, juve, turk, cadillac, beatrice(birdman), slim, magnolia shorty, mannie

I was proper sold, i downloaded and bought EVERYTHING and was a lil wayne stan from when i heard 'hardball' & 500 degrees the album

these niggas have always been talking crud, money, bitches and saying the same sh*t all the way through. To see them how they are now is inspiration and i hate it when these post 2000 fans only see their new sh*t and let sh*t like wayne and baby (father & son) kissing, songs like how to love etc etc completely tar the DECADES of work these man have done..

They came from NOTHING, they were all boys in the hood, who did all kinds of f*ckry, now they're one of the biggest Hip Hop labels of all time and are still going strong.. People give MMG so much credit, Ross is doing what Cash Money did 10 years ago and look who hes still competing with.. real street niggas who came and made it big

They have hundreds of street legend stories, Birdmans little brother 'Gangster' is currently locked up with Big Meech, Current Young Money 'artist' T Streets(bang bang) is known to have over 10 something bodies on him.. they've bought through and looked after their younger generation now aswell..

Just an Inspiration..

Enough of me chatting away lol when man were listening to nasty sets and kano in school I was banging this sh*t

& this is why Wayne will always be that nigga to me, 15 years old & my favourite lil wayne song/feature ever

he goes 1st

I got ten round my neck

Twenty on my wrist

Million dollar luck ah

Million dollar kiss

Pull up in my Lexus

Sippin on Don P

Call me lil' baby but you ain't know it was CMB

I floss everyday wootay

Knowin' to shine like a crushed wined face rolie

What the deal on the real it's all about scrill

Pretty grills, pretty broads, and plenty mills ah

Ridin to myself up in my baby benz

Playin with ten, goin shoppin with my lady friends

Flyin' to Nashville, me and bob splittin eighty

Then I chill on Washatona with Slim and Baby

See the $ on my back symbolize my click

See the $ around my neck symbolize we rich

Always wonderful, but Baby gotta see it to beleive it

All this ice and rich heights man it's off the heezy

Fifteen and I'm workin' wit a hundred and better

And you can put that on my diamond Gucci bezzel


I got ten around my neck

And biggets on my writst (*Bling*)

See we ball till we fall

Livin' a millionaires dream

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Still remember being just starting 6th form and thinking this track was hard


The f*ck are people negging me for you bitches.

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wonder how much baby has robbed from wayne in his whole time on cash money. if he owed juvy like 13 mill, mannie like 9 mill, and bg not sure. wayne must be missing LOADS

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