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Is It Me, Or Is She Taking The Piss


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My fiancee has become obsessed with attaining a rabbit, I dont care for any animals to be honest, but whatever makes her happy. So she is on this rabbit forum, reading up about them etc and she comes across a white woman who owns a black rabbit and has this as her signature:


This woman has a blog about her 'ethnic bunny':

Carlton Jamal, the life of an Ethnic Bunny


With more pics:




And with quotes referencing the black rabbit as being an "illegal immigrant", references to it having ''notty hair' etc, amongst others.

Now, I'm all for a laugh and a joke.. but something about this rubbed me up the wrong way. The racially stereotypical overtones and the jafaikan mumbo jumbo used in this blog are not just tiresome, but both insipid and tasteless.

It appears that just because she has a mixed race brother she now feels that she is the expert on all black culture and customs and that this kind of nonsense is acceptable.

Now is it me, or is this woman taking the piss?

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She's stupid and obv racist

I will tell you exactly how this scenario came about

Her: I got a new bunny today he's gorgeous!

Friend; Oh I LOVE bunnies, what colour is he?

Her: He's black, haha, well you can't say that anymore

Friend: No that'd be against his human rights

Her: Haha yes, he's an ethnic minority now!

*both laugh*

She should get clapped down. Find out where she lives and put the rabbit in the oven

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