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FAO Shameless fans - A new Black family...

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FAO Shameless fans - A new Black family...

Avril Powell


God help anyone who gets in the way of this feisty receptionist. And don't even think about messing with her family.

But while Avril Powell pulls no punches when it comes to speaking her mind, she's also game for a laugh and determined to see her family integrated into the goings on at Chatsworth. That meant volunteering to host Libby's hen night, which took an unexpected turn due to the heady home brew Avril's been concocting under the stairs.

She is married to Jackson and their daughter, Letitia, is mummy's girl through and through. Avril will do anything for her, including keeping a little secret from her father about where exactly Letitia's going to school.

Jackson Powell


The head of Shameless's newest family is not just the mild-mannered trainee teacher he appears to be.

There's another side just beneath the buttoned-up exterior of Jackson Powell... and all it takes is a few home brews and an audience of randy Chatsworth ladies to reveal it. Initially snooty about socialising with the hoi paloi of the estate, Jackson left a big impression on his new neighbours with a boozy strip at Libby's hen party. She may have been around the block a few times, but even Mimi was gobsmacked by what she saw.

It comes as no surprise to Patty next door, who's had to learn the noisy way that Jackson and his wife Avril have what you'd call a "healthy" private life. The amorous pair have a rock solid relationship and Avril, with daughter Letitia, are at the centre of Jackson's world.

Letitia Powell


What Letitia lacks in smarts, she makes up for in looks and she's not afraid to use them to get what she wants.

She has mum Avril and dad Jackson just where she wants them... wrapped around her little finger. They want the best for their dim-witted princess, even if it means sending her to an expensive private school. Just don't tell unsuspecting Jackson who, thanks to a swift uniform swap at the end of the day, thinks Letitia's grafting at the local comprehensive.


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these man are waste from the half hour i saw

i dnt watch shameless though so i cud be wrong

from the latest ep its nothing like what i thought it wad

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