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Police officers who carried out the raid in which the late, great reggae star David Emmanuel also known as Smiley Culture died after allegedly stabbing himself to death are unlikely to face criminal charges, disciplinary action or be officially questioned, according to the Guardian.

This revelation comes despite an admission by the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) that the raid on Emmanuel’s home earlier in the year was “not satisfactory”.

In a confidential letter to the late reggae stars family, Mike Franklin, South East IPCC commissioner who is in charge of the investigation said: “The [iPCC] investigation has identified aspects of the operation which were not satisfactory, and criticisms have been made of some of the officer’s actions. However, these do not meet the threshold for misconduct under the police misconduct system.”

The family of Smiley Culture has publicly criticised the Met police officers involved – none of which have been suspended, and the decision that the officers were witnesses in the case and not suspects, meaning they could not be interviewed formally. They have also questioned why the four officers involved handcuffed Emmanuel after the injury that lead to his death and why the officer in the kitchen at the time of death refused a request by the IPCC’s lead investigator to give a formal interview. It is reported that an independent pathologist’s report has stated that the stab wound would have “cause[d] rapid collapse and death within a few minutes”.

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so this makes it 344 deaths in police custody/ arrest situations since 1993 and not ONE police conviction. ...add mark duggan, and the other 3 who died in custody or during arrest and its 348...........of course all public anger should be directed at the little criminals who stole Tvs

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Smiley Culture death: No crime committed, says IPCC

_51689164_011533815-1.jpg Smiley Culture's singles included Cockney Translation and Police OfficerContinue reading the main story

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An investigation into the police operation during which reggae singer Smiley Culture died has found no evidence of a criminal offence.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission carried out the inquiry.

The singer, whose real name was David Emmanuel, died from a single stab wound during a police raid at his home in Surrey on 15 March.

His family had demanded more information after a report that he stabbed himself during the raid.

An inquest into his death three days later was told he stabbed himself through the heart with a kitchen knife as four Metropolitan Police officers carried out a search of his home in Hillbury Road, Warlingham.

He died at the scene despite attempts at resuscitation.

The inquest was adjourned to a date to be fixed.

The 48-year-old had been due to face trial accused of conspiracy to supply cocaine.

'No individual failings'

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) investigated the actions of the individual officers, as well as the planning of the operation as a whole.

IPCC Commissioner Mike Franklin said after "careful consideration and in consultation with lawyers from both the IPCC and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)" he had taken the decision not to formally refer the report to the CPS as the investigation has found no evidence that a criminal offence may have been committed.

The investigation also found there were no individual failings with regard to the actions of individual officers which amounted to misconduct.

However, the IPCC said its investigation had raised concerns about several areas of the operation, which included operational planning and risk management.

Continue reading the main story

“Start Quote

I hope that arrangements can now begin for the inquest - which will be the opportunity for all the evidence to be heard, and tested, in public”

End Quote Mike Franklin IPCC Commissioner

A separate report is being sent to the Metropolitan Police so that it can consider the recommendations and respond to the IPCC with actions for implementing learning where required.

The investigation report into Mr Emmanuel's death has been sent to the coroner ahead of an inquest, which will be held with a jury and will not take place before the conclusion of the criminal trials to which Mr Emmanuel was allegedly linked, the IPCC said.

The two trials are scheduled to be heard in early 2012, after which the IPCC will publish its investigation report.

Mr Franklin said all the evidence gathered had been passed to the coroner who was liaising directly with Mr Emmanuel's family.

"I hope that arrangements can now begin for the inquest - which will be the opportunity for all the evidence to be heard, and tested, in public," he said.

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This Smiley case just stinks of the usual injustices & I smell a big cover up as per usual. The IPCC have to be the MOST useless 'independent' investigator ever.

It's been 42 years since an officer was found guilty. Even then the killers of David done a pityful few months for assault.



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17th Jan 2012

Croydon reggae star was centre of drug operation, court hears

Deceased reggae star 'Smiley Culture' masterminded a £400,000 cocaine supply plot from his Surrey mansion, the trial of his alleged conspirators was told on Monday.

Croydon reggae star was centre of drug operation, court hears

The singer - whose real name was David Emanuel - was charged and on bail when he allegedly stabbed himself through the heart on March 15 last year during a police drugs raid at his Warlingham home.

Lloyd McCalla, 51, of Temple Avenue, Dagenham, and 27 year-old Carlene Wilson, of Ilford, have both pleaded not guilty to conspiring with Mr Emanuel, 48, and Lloyd's son Ryan, 30, to supply cocaine between June 30 and July 2, 2010.

Prosecutor, Tom Little, told Croydon Crown Court: "This involves a well organised drugs conspiracy to supply a kilo of cocaine, involving at least four individuals.

"David Emanuel was the main organiser of the conspiracy and needed these drugs distributed and that is where the McCalla family come in."

But the jury were told they would not need to consider a verdict in relation to Mr Emanuel.

"Police attended his home again on March fifteen last year in relation to a different drugs conspiracy and Mr Emanuel stabbed himself and died. He committed suicide," said Mr Little.

On July 2, 2010 undercover police were staking out Mr Emanuel's home in Hillbury Road, Warlingham when Lloyd and Ryan, who has pleaded guilty to the charge, arrived at 7.45pm.

"It must have been at this point the drugs were handed over by Mr Emanuel to the McCalla's and taken out by Ryan," Mr Little told the jury.

"Ryan walked with a bag containing the cocaine to a taxi, where Wilson was waiting and she was given the drugs and the taxi drove off.

"The McCalla's followed behind and the taxi was stopped by police and the drugs were found in the bag between the feet of Wilson."

When analysed, the drugs were found to be 77 per cent pure cocaine.

The trial is due to last three weeks.

Mr Emmanuel’s family have been campaigning for an IPCC investigation into his arrest and death.

laughable SMH

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