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A Ghost for my girl: Petra Ecclestone gets post wedding present from James Stunt... a Rolls Royce with a bow on top

Some newlyweds like to buy each other little presents here and there to show their love for one another.

And Petra Ecclestone’s new husband James Stunt is no exception, hence why he thought he’d surprise her with a brand new Rolls Royce Ghost.

The 22-year-old was happily surprised when she found the white Rolls outside her Beverly Hills hotel, topped off with a silver bow.



The Rolls Royce Ghost was designed to be a smaller 'more realistic' car than the Phantom and costs around £170,000.

Petra is no doubt a keen car enthusiast, seeing as her father is Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone.

Bernie recently treated his daughter to a lavish wedding at 15th Century Odescalchi Castle in Italy, which cost almost £4 million.

And as she settles into married life as a happy newlywed, the wedding gifts just seem to keep on coming.



But Petra’s new Rolls Royce was just one of the designer vehicles that the model was test driving this weekend.

Yesterday she was also spotted admiring another jet black super car in Los Angeles.

The blonde beauty and her husband then got to take the Lamborghini for a test drive up Rodeo Drive, but they never managed to get above 10 miles an hour because of heavy traffic.

Her older sister Tamara was also admiring the machinery, in-between a shopping spree in Beverly Hills.





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ok magazine forum?


rolls looks wack /lambo hard (aventador?) / girls any northern tings


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Share on other sites she the one who bought aaron spelling's $100m pad in bev hills?


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