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The rain

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yeah, its really fucked.

shops are putting up wooden windows and shit and evacuation warnings have been issued

they say this is the big one

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i fink the reign is callin murdaaaaaaaaaaa

Nobody loves meSometimes I wish the good Lord would come down and hug me

I take a look at my life, it's gettin ugly

And now I know that you all wanna slug me

I can get above it, it's my life and I thug it

Even though I live it close to the edge

I'm gettin closer to death, with every little step

that I take, and be awake of my last days

I hope the sun shines with a light rain

That would mean the world shared my pain

And now the world could be happy again, smile

Cause if I ever walk "The Green Mile"

You can look at me and blame it on my lifestyle

What can I say? I was raised as an only child, lonely

Poppa disowned me, so the streets raised me

you call me crazy it's not unheard of

Now it's gonna reign down murder

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