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Prescott: I'll take your dads face for the back of Rudi Vollers head

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Amir Khan has reacted angrily to derogatory comments made by former foe Breidis Prescott, with the Brit insisting a rematch between the pair "will be sooner rather than later" if the Colombian finds a way past Paul McCloskey.

Khan suffered the only defeat of his professional career at the hands of Prescott in 2008, a devastating first-round knockout that stopped Khan's blossoming career in its tracks. However, under the guidance of revered trainer Freddie Roach, Khan has slowly rebuilt and has gone on to become the premier fighter of the light-welterweight division, with the WBA and IBF belts to his name.

Since his crushing loss to Prescott three years ago, Khan has frequently been asked when he will step back into the ring with his adversary, with the Brit preferring to answer that he does not need Prescott and that the Colombian is only hunting a big payday.

However, a second fight could be in the pipeline after some insulting comments from Prescott appeared to get under Khan's skin. Khan recently tipped McCloskey, who he beat on a six-round technical decision in April, to get the better of Prescott when the two clash on September 10.

Prescott responded with a series of verbal attacks aimed in Khan and his father Shah's direction. Prescott told boxingscene.com:"I bet you do have your money on McCloskey because you are a sissy. Anything that prevents you from fighting me again. You are a punk, your father is a punk and your whole team is full of punks. Especially your father, who babies you and that's the reason you have grown into a real fag. And you were right, the mistake you made was fighting me.

"Now if you are a man, after I beat McCloskey in his hometown and knock him dead like I did with you in your hometown - lets fight in December. You do all this talking but you are scared to fight. If you don't fight me, I will spit in you and your punk father's face."

Khan took to Twitter on Tuesday to reply to Prescott's vociferous jousts. He wrote: "Prescott talking rubbish again... Or shall I say his manager/promoter talking shit for him, they all crying for a payday hahahahaa. Thats all they want, u [sic] dont see Prescott calling out Mitchell who beat him, I wonder how much hes getting paid to fight McCloskey?

"Honestly dont think Prescott will beat McCloskey, Paul very awkward and tricky 2 catch, if he does our rematch will be alot sooner thn later."



I loved the way after the second knockdown he was relegated to being nothing more than a torso.

HIlarious interview too. No contest now though Khan wipes the floor with him.

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